INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PRINTS has been featured in the following magazines, newspapers and blogs. Click the hyperlinks below each image to see full articles.

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Our screen print with John Knuth is featured at IPCNY's upcoming exhibit "New Prints"that runs January 22nd, 2014 - March 12, 2014.

The LA Times wrote an article about a new wave of exhibits launching in Los Angeles. Intellectual Property Prints is proud to have work in all of the exhibits mentioned.

Eric Minh Swenson came by the studio to shoot this EPIC video of IPP's master wizards Ryan McIntosh & Daniel Rolnik along with Gary Baseman.


"We're not making posters here - we're making art." - Ryan McIntosh interviewed by A, Moret (editor of INSTALLATION MAGAZINE) Issue 10 on iPad and iPhone only. 2013


"This Sunday, May 19th Venice Art Walk 2013 will be held at Google Los Angeles with the unveiling of The Print Pop Collection curated by Intellectual Property Prints and Daniel Rolnik. The collection features new works by artists Jason Shawn Alexander, Bob Dob, Christine Wu, Daniel Edwards and Gregory Siff to name a few." - Erwin Recinos (LA TACO) 2013


Our video of Bob Dob working on his "Blood Orange" screenprint was featured in Arrested Motion's REWIND: May 6 - May 12 article. 


"Daniel Rolnik and Ryan McIntosh of Intellectual Property Prints in Los Angeles are launching a run of 100% handmade fine-art screenprints." - Rebecca Rego Barry (Fine Books & Collections) 2013


"A few weeks ago, Dailydujour had the opportunity to observe LA painter Christine Wu working with master printer Ryan McIntosh on her upcoming limited-edition ‘Bliss’ screen print." - Jack Muramatsu (DailyDuJour) 2013


"That diversity of tastes is evident in the screenprints that will be for sale. Some are incredibly abstract, others bold and in-your-face, including one that depicts a cartoonish devil with the word “Blood” written beneath it. Others, like Sieben’s piece, are colorful and playful. " - Jonathan Maseng (The Jewish Journal) - also appeared in the print issue published from May 10 - 16th. 2013


"Daniel Rolnik and Ryan McIntosh are dangerous enough on their own, but now that they are combining their tireless forces, we should all tremble. Art world domination is close at hand. Oh sure, they seem all cute, and nice, and friendly but think about it. How could anybody work as hard and fast as these guys do, and still be so damn perky? It just ain't natural. I've suggested before that Rolnik, in particular, might be something other than a carbon based lifeform." - Keith Dugas (originally published on KROSSD and then republished on CARTWHEEL) 2013